adventures with modems and gnu+linux

07:43 PM GMT+1: compaq box obtained, pci winmodem obtained

07:47 PM GMT+1: got keyboard

07:52 PM GMT+1: k3b writing debnya iso to dvd+rw

07:55 PM GMT+1:

08:00 PM GMT+1: dvd ejected

08:01 PM GMT+1: compaq not turning on ;-;

08:04 PM GMT+1: power cable broken, brb getting new power cable

08:09 PM GMT+1: got new power cable, only one i had spare has a european plug, so i have to use an adapter

08:10 PM GMT+1: starting debian installer

08:13 PM GMT+1: debian fails to read installer components from CD-ROM, not sure if this box supports USB boot but i will try

08:18 PM GMT+1: dd'ing debian installer to a USB drive. 3955556352 bytes (4.0 GB, 3.7 GiB) copied, 3037.92 s, 1.3 MB/s

08:23 PM GMT+1: lspci shows 02:02.0 Communication controller: LSI Corporation V.92 56K WinModem (rev 03) as the modem.

09:11 PM GMT+1: dd done, rebooting into USB drive